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Arizona's #1 Indoor Percussion Ensemble

Breakthrough Indoor Percussion's mission is to inspire students of Arizona and the southwestern United States to achieve high standards of performance and provide an opportunity for the development and cultivation of life skills through learning and performing music. We offer this activity to our members at an affordable price as we feel as though that will foster the growth, education and overall well-being of our students and their families.

Breakthrough Indoor Percussion is an organization dedicated to youth education in the arts. We offer men and women between the ages of 14-22 both performance and educational opportunities in the percussive arts. We hope to instill in our members a strong sense of personal achievement, growth, confidence, strong work ethic, responsibility, perseverance and dedication; in order to achieve a team goal. Our members will learn the craft of indoor percussion performance, develop the skills necessary to perform at a supremely high level and learn and perfect a show to be performed on several locations in front of thousands of spectators.

Breakthrough Indoor Percussion was founded in the fall of 2009 by Cutler W. Boughn and Adam R. Maynes. Breakthrough Indoor Percussion is a Non-Profit Organization, and is dedicated to the education of the youth and young adults of Arizona, and the southwestern United States. Breakthrough is staffed by a dedicated group of music educators and designers who dedicate their time for the benefit of the ensemble's members and their growth within the activity. It is to this end that the ensemble has been created to provide an environment for the members to grow both musically and socially within the ensemble, learning countless skills that will be useful in every aspect of life.

Breakthrough Indoor Percussion is a nationally competitive ensemble. Breakthrough competes with Winterguard Arizona (WGAZ) and Winter Guard International (WGI) Sport of the Arts sanctioned events, and will continue to do so in the years to come. These events combine music, movement, and props into a theatrical production performed in a gymnasium. From January to April the ensemble competes locally, regionally, and nationally against other indoor percussion ensembles. The ensemble is in season and active from early November through April.


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2016 BT Cast


Lauren DiStefano

Nick Bley

J.P. Richards

Logan Hill

Richard Dzurnak

Dustin Endicott

Anthony Olivares

Ricky Barrera

Anthony Cortez


Brennon NeSmith

Jessie Vaughan

Trevor Bautista

Hugo Segovia


John Baik

Justin Visoso

Evan Solomon

Marissa Aguilar

Nate Pigg


Payton Hiscok

Jakob Whittier

Raven Ruiz

Davin-James Demola

Matthew Warren

Sarah Latham

Front Ensemble

Juan Oliveros

Thomas Buchanan

Pablo Huerta

Karen Herrera

Charles Lima

Karl Murphy

Jasper Wu

Ashley Besing

Chad Haywood

Riley Greer

AJ Casoli

Alexa Mendola

Mani Sitake

Freddy Ochoa

Austin King


Lauren Scott

Charles Wilson

Johnny Montiel

Joshua Ferre

Nolan Coody

Sarah Gibson

Emily Dean

Sierra Rogers

BT 2016 Staff


Cutler W. Boughn – Executive Director

Antonio Hernandez – Director

Alex Keene – Assistant Director


Show Design:

Mike McGee – Ensemble Coordinator, Show Design & Battery Arranger

Steven Estudillo – Show & Visual Design/Visual Caption Head

Alan Miller – Show & Front Ensemble Design

Jonathan Zuniga – Show & Audio/Production Design

Whitney Semmens – Choreography Design


Instructional Staff:

Mike McGee – Ensemble Coordinator

Whitney Semmens – Visual & Choreography

Zac Eskridge – Battery Manager & Tenors

Chris Canby – Snares

Nick Islas – Snares

Chris Holtzem – Snares & Ensemble Consultant

Roberto Paz – Ensemble Consultant

Alex Keene – Tenors

Andrew Espinosa – Basses

Ethan Baxley – Basses

Frank Becerra – Cymbals

Jessie Lampkin – Cymbals & Visual

Jon Malapit – Visual

Jesse Bradbury – Visual

Tony Nelson – Front Ensemble Caption Head

Caleb Davis – Front Ensemble

Vi TranLe – Front Ensemble


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